Log 58
Tuesday, May 22, 2012
9:29 PM

After some time, I decided to look at Trisha’s facebook account. Yeah, apparently, not talking things over and not ending things properly is a stupid thing to do. I still like her. And after all this time, I’m still thinking about her.

Well, I don’t sulk too much like I did before but I still do think about her and I still feel like I should have done more. Whenever I think about how things transpired, I just can’t help but slap my self for being weak and stupid and overly sensitive.

Now, I can’t do anything about how I feel anymore. She’s gone and happily in a relationship with some Chinese guy. I want to talk shit about the guy but I know that even if I do that, she’d still be hers and I’d still be single.

All I pray is that one day, they’d break up and she’d remember me. Hopefully, when that day comes, she’d call me again and let me grab an opportunity I once missed.

Right… I wish they’d break up!