I have read quite a few books and articles on how to effectively get rich. I have attended a few seminars on how to be wealthy in a short while. And I have performed and got involved in some multi-leveled marketing businesses with schemes on how to get rich quickly and effectively. But for some reason, none of them have worked for me. Most of it, I would have to bleame on myself. I don’t really have the right attitude to perform them effectively. But now, I have a book, “The Science of Getting Rich”, which tells me, from the first chapter, what I have been doing wrong and what I am supposed to do.

Basically, the first thing that I should be thinking of isn’t about my mistakes but rather my solutions. I should always have a positive outlook and must always hope for the best. But thinking and dreaming of something better isn’t enough. I must act on it and must keep striving and exerting effective and efficient effort towards my goals.

For now, an opportunity is open to me. I finally found a very good and trustworthy friend to become a business partner. We both don’t have the financial capabilities to start a business, an obstacle that can’t be overcome, but with our collective effort, we can actually be successful.

We have a lot of plans for the future, some business plans that will help not only us but a lot of other people to reach their respective goals as well. For the time being though, we can only hope to enrich ourselves first before actually hoping to help other people enrich themselves. There is an opportunity that opened to us that we are going to take. For the past few months, we have had prects that provided additional income for both of us. By the look of things, it is definitely a lucrative business and based on our past performances, it is something that we can definitely do.

The obstacles we have to face right now are the legal matters. We don’t have a registered company name and we can’t issue reciepts. The lack of these things delays our progress but there is a solution to it and it’s very simple. We just have to get our company registered and get receipts from the B.I.R.

I tried accomplishing it but due to my lack of self-discipline, which I will be working on during the next few days, but I will surely get the requirements we need. So far, I have gotten the requirements for the logo registration. I will be getting the requirements for the registration of the company with SEC, and the requirements for the receipts from SEC. Then, we will be all set to getting more clients and hopefully, more projects.

All it takes is the right mindset. This will be the first step to my getting rich.